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Web games on your home page and sponsored mobile apps to be downloaded in the stores (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nokia etc.). 3D technologies and a wide variety of methods for satisfying gameplay user experience. Put your product or service on the scene as a standalone protagonist or select to join a fruitful synergic advertising consortium.

Our ongoing project In the Footsteps of the Vikings is suitable for most products and services needing international attention. You can join the portal as an advertiser or join the Fovigame Vikings game and your product will be a part of the game plot! This is most suitable for travel services.

The first version of Fovigame Vikings archaeology and travel game will be for Windows Phone platform. The player will act as an archaeologist in a 3D environment. He/she organizes excavations and exhibitions all over the Europe and elsewhere in the world, earning money and fame.

You don't have to have an idea of your own for an advergame promoting your product or service. We'll gladly invent a suitable theme, plot and technical solution, concerning the marketing aspect and relevant costs of the project. We'll take into account very carefully what your customers really need to learn about your service or product.

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In the Footsteps of the Vikings
History and Travel Portal

Travel trough the Europe following the ancient Vikings' routes! FoVi portal and game: The Vikings once travelled in wide areas of Europe, Asia, and even America. So more and more cities and municipalities will be shown in FoVi portal by the time. Enjoy travelling In the Footsteps of the Vikings! It's free thanks to our sponsors. The game will be released spring 2012.

Use the compass for the next location! Or look at the MAP! Find your town in the map and use the link to go straight to the location!

Cities along viking routes: Loviisa, Kotka, Hamina, Virolahti, Novgorod, St_Petersburg, Miehikkala, Smolensk, Birka, Stockholm, Mariehamn, Turku, Saltvik, Rosala, Hanko, Helsinki, Porvoo, Kaupang, Hedeby, Reykjavik, StartPage, Grindavik, Hafnarfjordur,