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About... FoVi portal and game: The Vikings once travelled in wide areas of Europe, Asia, and even America. So more and more cities and municipalities will be shown in FoVi portal by the time. Enjoy travelling In the Footsteps of the Vikings! It's free thanks to our sponsors. The game will be released spring 2012.

  Grindavik, Iceland

Grindavik - Iceland
Grindavik and the surrounding area are a must see on your visit to Iceland. Life in the town of Grindavík is colorful and energetic. Our local festival, Sjóarinn síkáti, is our pride and joy. We love it here in Grindavík.
Grindavík Township - Hometown of the Blue Lagoon The township of Grindavik is home to the world famous Blue Lagoon and the city of Grindavik. Downtown Grindavik is only a three minute drive from the Blue Lagoon and well worth the trip. A visit to Grindavik is a perfect complement to all that the Blue Lagoon has to offer. The combined Tourism Affiliation of Grindavík operates under the name Grindavík – Experience, and it offers a world-class service for tourists. All necessary information for tourists is found on the website After enjoying all that the Blue Lagoon has to offer, it is perfect to visit Grindavík; the town's history is in many ways remarkable. We offer diverse activities, such as ATV riding, volcano tours, horseback riding, Saltfisksetur Íslands, swimming pool, art galleries, exhibitions, sport sailing, sightseeing tours, for example of fish processing plants, a bus ride around the area and much more. Grindavík offers many hidden adventures. What is interesting for tourists to do in Grindavík? The main places of interest include the harbor and the vortex of society, old trails, light- houses, Gunnuhver, Selatangi, Brimketill, hiking, Eldvörp, and the amazing Hópsnes trail, and much more. Grindavík offers a variety of restaurants and lovely cafés, and various accommodation is available. One of the best camping sites in the country opened in Grindavík in the summer of 2009. The township of Grindavík has a wide range of services for travelers, such as banking services, health care, police, car service, a supermarket and much more. The town boasts a magnificent 13 hole golf course that is currently being expanded to 18 holes. Grindavík is a family friendly town and one of the biggest fishing centers of the country. Grindavík has some of the biggest and most successful fish processing plants in the nation. Schools in Grindavík are exemplary. Grindavík has a very active athletic department, supporting athletes from a very young age until adulthood. Soccer and basketball, along with Judo, have made a name for the Athletic Association of Grindavík (UMFG). Framed in a breathtaking setting shaped by millenniums of volcanic and climatic activity

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A Viking Treasure found in Gotland, Sweden

A bronze vase, with thousands of silver coins, has been found in Gotland island, outside the east coast of Sweden. The treasure is exceptionally large for its age. Archaeologists consider whether it was ment to be a safety deposit or perhaps a purse for the afterlife. More...

BEAR TOOTH - an Archaeological Exhibition in the Museum of Loviisa, Finland

The museum's prehistoric exhibition is open from April 22 to September 30, 2012, and presents Loviisa region Stone Age and Iron Age discoveries as well as dwellings. The exhibition includes tools, arrowheads, jewelry and ceramics.

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Picture: Tero Lindfors

Picture: Tero Lindfors
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