Terafox Oy
Puutarhakatu 23
07900 Loviisa

phone +358 40 550 4146
Skype: kaitsuks2

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10 - 18 Finnish time
(GMT+2) Monday - Friday


Learn effectively using Terafox tools, create contacts, get involved in communities, establish friendships and develop your skills while being entertained. Easy and works everywhere.

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Terafox uses innovative methods for brainstorming and idea production, planning, project management, follow-up and reporting. Terafox also designs all the way new concepts and creates partnerships and networks, team work and conversation with the clients and partners to promote their business success.

Terafox Services: Strategical Consulting, Brainstorming, Coaching and Sparring, Marketing Plan Development and Concept Design. Planning, Analysis and Development of:

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