FoVi Project Introduction

Centuries between 800 and 1100 are a period of time that offers a lot of fascinating stories about the Viking history. Some of them are fictional stories, sagas, which are an oral tradition passed from generation to generation by word of mouth. Large number of them is based on the stories of contemporaries, such as monks, which has been found for example in the monasteries, or in the excavations of the places inhabited by the Vikings.

Archaeological finds prove that the Vikings had a high level of culture and also tell us of their livelihood, beliefs, customs and habits. On this basis, we have been able to reconstruct homes and commercial tools used by them. Viking ships discovered as whole are an example of their high level of shipbuilding and wood processing skills.

This project launched now is aimed at in a special way to introduce the Viking period to the people, collect and compile the Viking stories along the routes of their conquered territories and resettlement sites. This is the first time when a new, creative way is adapted in terms of usage of applications of the latest information technology which in this context also allows integration of the data with "cross-disciplinary" actions. The issue is the construction of a learning game called FoVi game in which players around the world can adventure in the footsteps of the Vikings.

Many pedagogical experts have found that a functionally inspiring game allows young pupils and students to create good motivation and incentive to learn new things. These good goals in mind, FoVi game is planned to take place in the hearts of all those interested in the fascinating world of the Vikings for learning and benefit and just for amusement.

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