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Metal detector beeped in Rone in a field, which is known about other pre-existing Viking treasures. This time, the discovery is one of the most remarkable: about twenty pounds of silver coins in the Eleventh Century bronze vase. Preliminary X-ray studies have confirmed so far the origin of only one coin. It was minted in Cologne, Germany between years 1000 - 1040.

The pot has a circumference of 23 centimeters and a depth of 17 centimeters, and it is estimated to contain about six thousand coins.

In the bottom of the pot we can still expect surprises, possibly other silver objects, but most likely it is just full of money, says archaeologist Per Widerström.

Archaeologists are questioning now, if the coins were put into the pot all at once or gradually. The remarkable amount of money may show the earliest known signs of stabilization of the Vikings trading on Gotland, maybe from boat sales, or the slave trade.

Some scholars believe the cache as religious, because the ancient Edda-poems mention the treasures of the dead, which they were supposed to take with them, into the world beyond death.

A harsh fate can threaten Widerström and other archaeologists in turn, if the the curses are to be believed, handed down in the runic writings.

The treasure was saved by a whisker. The pot rested at a depth of only 30 cents. The field has been turned over countless times in a thousand years, and plow blades have ranged up to 29 cents.

Director of the Museum of Gotland, Lars Sjösvärd, says that now there is no rush with the discovery, so the coins are picked one by one for examination.

Rone area has been surveyed archaeologically, because the field has gained reputation among treasure hunters and robbers.

Widerström thinks, in an interview in the local newspaper, that no new Viking treasures are to be found in the area.

(From Yle news 12.4.2012)

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A Viking Treasure found in Gotland, Sweden

A bronze vase, with thousands of silver coins, has been found in Gotland island, outside the east coast of Sweden. The treasure is exceptionally large for its age. Archaeologists consider whether it was ment to be a safety deposit or perhaps a purse for the afterlife. More...

BEAR TOOTH - an Archaeological Exhibition in the Museum of Loviisa, Finland

The museum's prehistoric exhibition is open from April 22 to September 30, 2012, and presents Loviisa region Stone Age and Iron Age discoveries as well as dwellings. The exhibition includes tools, arrowheads, jewelry and ceramics.

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