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FOVI In the Footsteps of the Vikings

In the Footsteps of the Vikings
History and Travel Portal

Travel trough the Europe following the ancient Vikings' routes!
Look at the MAP! Find your town in the map and use the link to go straight to the location!
About... Viking game and history travel portal: The Vikings once travelled in wide areas of Europe, Asia, and even America. So more and more cities and municipalities will be shown in FoVi portal by the time. Enjoy travelling In the Footsteps of the Vikings! It's free thanks to our sponsors. The viking learning game will be released spring 2012.



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We are developing a learning game about Vikings, including travel, archaeology and business. We'll present links to other suitable projects and ready-made games here also.

In the game you are an archaeologist and scientist who studies and researches the history of the Vikings...

Fovigame – In the Footsteps of the Vikings - A learning game

The Rules of the Game

Welcome to play FoVi Game. FoVi stands for the words ‘In the Footsteps of the Vikings’. And that’s what it is all about: as a player in the game you’ll travel in the Footsteps of the Vikings all around Europe and even on the American continent!

In the game you are an archaeologist and scientist who studies and researches the history of the Vikings. But, at the same time you are a business man, because to get funding for the excavations you need to arrange exhibitions concerning the Vikings – all around the World. It’s very useful to invest to the exhibitions and try to get as much audience as possible. So you can get a fair financing for your exploration travels. The labor force may be expensive in some places depending on the country. Also the exhibition premises may be expensive, but accordinly the amount on possible audience is bigger and even more solvent. Do not make the prices of the admission fees to high, because then many of the potential public might stay at home! Or maybe go to an exhibition arranged by a competition...

Archaelogy and scientific research are hard and slow. Fortunately, you can use a Time Machine, which you can go deep to the history with, and find the Viking stories in a form of Fragments. By collecting and assembling these you can build whole Sagas about the history of the Vikings. With the help of the Time Machine you can also follow directly the Routes of the Vikings, using a Viking Ship (and other transportation) – on your imaginary travel. You cannot take part to the incidences of the Era, and so you cannot change the World History. Fortunately, this way!

Once you have found a promising site for excavations, you can pop into the current time acquiring the necessary services for your operations. To determine the place of accommodation and recruit labor force for your excavation. At the same time you can see what there is today, on the spot of ancient Vikings' historic stage.

Once you have hired workers, you can begin the excavation. You do not need to remain in place, but you can continue the exploration In the Footsteps of the Vikings. When some relics or artifacts have been found, you will be immediately noticed, wherever you may be. Similarly, you can give orders as to what items are included in the exhibition, and where the next exhibition will be held. You can also constantly monitor the exhibitions and exhibitions’ returns.

In addition to archaeological finds, stories reassembled from fragments are needed as well. Correctly assembled stories gives reputation, or Fame points, and that in turn increases the number of visitors to the exhibition. In addition, you can arrange placards, multimedia presentations and videos, for your exhibitions.

On your Time Travel you strive to move forward so that you will collect on the other hand coherent stories, on the other hand, so that you could find good excavation sites. The decisive factor is not the number of discoveries; of course, it is good that discoveries are made, but the rare discoveries are worth much more. Perhaps you can find a place where no one yet knows that the Vikings are once gone there, too.

For Time Travelling it is important to follow all the tips, which there are on the way. At your service there are two famous professors who will advise you the best they can. They may however disagree on matters!

The game ends when you have found all the stories and linked them properly, and collected all of the archaeological finds. It may take a long time, but you can always pause the game and return to it to continue, by logging into the game service.

The game can also be ended to the fact that you suddenly have run out of money, but then you can start over with a new initial capital.


A mobile Viking game project, ongoing:

Welcome to Project Valhalla | Project Valhalla |

This is a development blog of an upcoming mobile (and maybe console..., who knows?) game that we are temporarily calling Project Valhalla. All you retro-game fans out there, heads up! We have been sucking inspiration from games like the Castlevania series, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario games, Metal Slug a...

Travel services (You can order hotels and travel services using FoVi affiliate program services.)
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2012-09-18 Multi-language support by Google Translate removed, at least temporarily.

2012-05-04 Loviisa sponsors Fovigame. An agreement signed.

2012-05-02 New news available! Look at the left beneath!

A Viking Treasure found in Gotland, Sweden

A bronze vase, with thousands of silver coins, has been found in Gotland island, outside the east coast of Sweden. The treasure is exceptionally large for its age. Archaeologists consider whether it was ment to be a safety deposit or perhaps a purse for the afterlife. More...

BEAR TOOTH - an Archaeological Exhibition in the Museum of Loviisa, Finland

The museum's prehistoric exhibition is open from April 22 to September 30, 2012, and presents Loviisa region Stone Age and Iron Age discoveries as well as dwellings. The exhibition includes tools, arrowheads, jewelry and ceramics.

Loviisa sponsors Fovigame. An agreement signed 2012-05-04.


"Vikings" as TV Series from MGM and HISTORY Channel.

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